Discover safe, practical cycling!

Do you wish you could bike to the local coffee shop, commute to work a few days a week, or explore a new route to school, but just feel that the roads are too dangerous? Are you worried that motorists just don’t see you or get tired of being “buzzed” by cars? CyclingSavvy’s unique and innovative workshop can help!

The CyclingSavvy workshop is a 3-part program carefully designed to share with you the principles of Mindful Bicycling. These are proven methods for safely and confidently navigating anywhere in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex by bicycle. Don’t worry, we’re not going to tell you to start riding 100 miles a day or commuting on Northwest Highway. We’ll show you how to pick routes that YOU are comfortable with, and how to navigate intersections that are barriers to more pleasant roads.

Hold it right there

CyclingSavvy explores how a cyclist can best work with traffic to be predictable, communicative, and, most of all, safe. You will have the tools to read and problem-solve any traffic situation or road configuration. This isn’t a boring, waste-of-time, forgetful workshop. You will cycle away excited, empowered, and ready to enjoy cycling anywhere in Dallas/Fort Worth. Don’t take our word for it, read reviews of what our Savvy Cyclists have to say about the class.

November 2012

Not sure if CyclingSavvy is for you? Here’s just a few of the topics that cyclists at any level will discover in the weekend workshop:

Beginner cyclists will learn why sidewalk cycling increases risk, what Texas law says about bicycles and cyclists, how to signal and communicate with motorists, practice critical bike handling skills, and many proven techniques that will be valuable for a lifetime of cycling.

Intermediate cyclists will discover the importance of intersection integration, how to best handle multi- and single-lane roads, strategies for inclement weather, taking advantage of traffic flow, emergency maneuvers, and much more.

Advanced cyclists will find gaps in their own understanding of how traffic works, find out how to manage traffic on single-lane roads better, learn how lane positioning actually helps motorists, and concepts that are difficult to master through self-learning. “I wish I had taken it sooner,” say advanced participants.

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