Eliot Landrum - Having been on-and-off bicycles of all shapes and sizes since I was a kid, I have since grown a new found love of cycling as an adult. Several years ago, I began recreational cycling as a way to connect with my family and friends as well as get some exercise. CyclingSavvy has had a profound impact on the way that I approach cycling and traffic. I live in the East Dallas area, and my favorite bike destination is the taco shop.


Waco Moore - I’ve been riding bikes since I could reach the pedals. These days, I’m the guy on the three-speed with the little girl on back. You might see me taking my 5-year-old to school, the park, the pool, the grocery store, or just out having fun. I ride to my office downtown when I can, which lately has been almost every day. (Yes, we do have a showers at work!) I grew up in Dallas but have also spent many years living and working in NYC and other points around the globe. I currently live in the Preston Hollow neighborhood with my wonderful wife and daughter.


Justine Viera – I’ve had a bike of some kind since I was 6 years old.  While I spent a significant time of my teenage years riding a horse and not a bike, I suppose it can be counted as time in the saddle.  I rode a bike during my college years to get around campus and the local areas — especially when my car was in the shop again.  I grew up in Tampa FL and have lived and worked in various cities and states.  I am primarily a “roadie” and ride with local clubs with some groups having been as few as a handful and sometimes up to nearly 60 riders as we headed out on either urban and rural routes.  I live in the Dallas area and ride in the evenings and on weekends with my bike club buddies.