What is the CyclingSavvy Workshop?

The CyclingSavvy DFW workshop is 3-part: Truth and Techniques of Traffic Cycling, Train Your Bike, and Tour of Dallas. The entire program is provided in one weekend, but each component can be taken à la carte.

  • Truth and Techniques of Traffic Cycling
    Through guided discussion with video and animation, this session familiarizes participants with bicycle-specific laws, traffic dynamics and problem-solving strategies. Videos, reference material, and animations demonstrate that bicycle drivers are equal road users, with the right and ability to control their space. Discover that bicycling is very safe and that with a few simple techniques, cycling can be virtually conflict free.
  • Train Your Bike
    This session is conducted in a parking lot. It consists of a set of progressive drills designed to increase cyclists’ control and
    comfort while handling a bike in various situations.
  • Tour of Dallas
    This session is an experiential tour of area roads. The route includes some of the most intimidating road features (intersections, interchanges, merges, etc.) a cyclist might find in his or her travels. Travelling as a group, the participants stop to survey and discuss each exercise location. After observing the feature, discussing the traffic dynamics and the best strategy for safe and easy passage, each cyclists rides through individually and regroups at a nearby location. This session is designed to give you the confidence and skills to handle any urban situation.

Can I sign up for just one or two parts of the workshop?

Definitely! You may take each part individually at different times. Just note that the first two components (Truth & Techniques and Train Your Bike) must be completed at some point before taking the Tour. You could, for instance, take the classroom portion one month then come the next month to take the on-bike portions.

What’s the best way to find out about upcoming workshops?

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